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Today, a prominent web presence is a critical component to successfully building your corporate brand and The Graphix Works can help you achieve this goal. We’re not just web developers. As a graphic design firm with more than 30 years of presence in the Niagara Region, we create a custom web design solution just for you that is both eye-catching and functional. We don’t use templates, starting every site from scratch to reflect your branding and ensure that it aligns with your existing messaging.

Experience is the key!

As one of the longest existing graphic design firms in Niagara, we welcome the opportunity to add you to our growing client list. Whether it’s a new website or an entire rebranding of your company, we can help you stand out from your competition, and we do it cost effectively. The Graphix Works knows that you have choices when it comes to choosing a Niagara website design company. We hope you will look at our website design portfolio from the homepage and contact us today to discuss your specific web design needs and afford us the opportunity to provide a website design quote for your firm.

Servicing the needs of clients throughout Ontario

While we're located in Niagara, our client list extends throughout Ontario. Whether you're in Ontario's Northwest, in Toronto or right here in Niagara we're a phone call, an email or a Skype meeting away. Our long list of satisfied web development clients is a testament to our level of service throughout our great province and we relish the opportunity to add you to this list. Give us a call and let us provide you with a no obligation quote for your next cutting edge custom website!

Need the ability to update your own website?

We develop your site in WordPress, the world's number one content management system that allows you to log in and make your own changes thereby saving you money. Don’t have time to make your own changes? No problem, we can offer you a cost effective solution whenever your site needs to be updated. Isn't it great to have options? We think so and would love to work with you on your next site!

Your website looks great wherever it’s viewed!

Our experienced web development team optimizes your site for viewing on all platforms and for desktop and mobile devices. We develop your new website using Responsive Technology where the site recognizes that it’s being viewed on a smartphone or tablet and adjusts itself to display on the device it’s being viewed on! Great looking websites, no matter where you view them!

Want to be ranked higher?

The Graphix Works prides itself on it's ongoing knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. We consider SEO to be a core aspect of website development and include it as a value added aspect of our web development services. Our knowledge and experience ensures your site will be developed with SEO friendly code. Many of our customers are thrilled to say their site is ranked among the top results for the search terms we have optimized for. Having a website designed is one thing, having it found is another!

Airline Financial Credit Union Responsive Website

Rebranding complete and Departing a Dated Look

Airline Financial Credit Union is a long time client who approached us to provide them with both rebranding and a new state of the art website. Following a consultation with the client we developed a great new logo for them and came up with a clean, easy to navigate responsive website. The client was thrilled with our efforts and are now trained on how to make changes themselves to keep ongoing costs down.

Sandy Beach Lodge Responsive Website

Separating themselves From the Crowd

Sandy Beach Lodge originally approached us in 2012 to create a web presence for them that would separate them from all of the other lodges in Northwestern Ontario. As one of our early northern clients we came up with both a logo and a website that was met with complete satisfaction from the client. Fast forward to 2020 and the client decided to once again entrust us with a new responsive website to keep them on top of the competition in Northwestern Ontario. With a collection of top quality photos we were able to create a new site that was eye catching and effective. Give us a call if you need a new site for your lodge!

Cake By Cheryl Responsive Web Design Mock Up

Creative Cakes and Good Customer Service

Cake By Cheryl was a truly unique website to design and develop. The website follows a whimsical design that shows off a level of creativity equal to the client’s own cakes. Through an abundance of photo examples, we were able to show off our clients’ products in various gallery areas throughout the site. The contact form on the site allows users to send their own photo examples straight to our client to help clarify what they are looking for in a cake, making an easier client to user interaction.

Air Ivanhoe Responsive Design Website Mock Up

Hook Into More Customers

Air Ivanhoe is one of Ontario’s premier fly-in fishing resorts. The Graphix Works was recently given the opportunity to redevelop their web presence, creating an easy to navigate, intuitive site that allows potential visitors to compare their many offerings for drive to, boat to and fly to cabins. The site, like all of the sites we now build, uses Responsive Design, automatically adapting to desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

Reeling in Customers for the Great Canadian Fishing Experience

Crow Rock Lodge has been a long time client of ours and recently we were hired for the second time to develop a new updated web presence for them. After revamping the Crow Rock Lodge website, we moved on to giving their outpost lodge (Rowdy Lake Camp) an equally deserved facelift as well. For both of these sites, we also provide Google AdWords services to promote the sites on the web and gain the attention of a bigger target audience.

Crow Rock Lodge Responsive Website Design Mock Up
Dobson and Toncic Website Responsive Mock Up

Managing Wealth and a New Online Presence

Dobson & Toncic had entrusted us with managing their previous web presence and wanted something to reflect their progressive thinking and innovative solutions. Voila, a great new web presence to carry them into the next phase of their business. The home page uses animated text that catches the eye of the visitor prompting a better user experience.

Manor Cleaners Website Mock Ups

A New Clean Design for Niagara’s Top Dry Cleaner

Manor Cleaners was looking to update their original web presence that we had built with a new, modern and clean design. The main design consists of grey, and white content with important points highlighted with red accents. The four call to actions on the home page makes it easier for users to navigate to other areas on the site to learn about important information pertaining to the company itself. Combine this with SEO that keeps them ranked on page 1 of related Google searches and they are well positioned for continued success.

Moya Financial Responsive Design Mock up

Finances and a Fresh Look

Moya Financial is a longtime Credit Union client, originally known as Krek Slovenian Credit Union. Following the initial development of their website several years ago they entrusted us again with the task of developing their new website for them. Working together to establish a wireframe that met their goals, we built the site from the ground up. A very extensive website, it has many features including a blog area, events calendar and even a business directory. Through the use of large imagery and custom icons, we were able to give Moya Financial the modern look they desired and maintain an easy layout to follow so users can find all the information they will need.

Web Solutions for
Nuclear Solutions

Niagara Energy Products was in need of a modern web presence to showcase their unique services and projects that they have completed for multiple clients. This website features custom icons we created relating to their services, a full width slideshow and a bold red, white and black colour scheme that ties into their corporate colours. A simple navigation menu with drop down menus in the services and project pages allow users to easily navigate through the site.

Niagara Energy Products Responsive Design Mock Up
Old Mission Resort Website Responsive Design Mock Ups

Spectacular Scenery to Captivate Customers

Old Mission Resort demonstrates how a heavy use of photography can captivate the visitor as they scroll through the website. Imagery of the camp itself and the scenery from the camp’s location provides a beautiful insight to the camp that is advantageous in attracting more customers to plan their stay at Old Mission Resort. The overall feel of the website through imagery and the use of the cursive font within the titles, provides a serene feel, attracting any visitor who is looking to plan their next relaxing vacation.

PowerKure Solutions Limited Website Responsive Design Mock Ups

Web Solutions for Electrical Solutions

PowerKure Solutions Ltd. decided it was time to redevelop their site into something more modern and attractive. Our home page design uses a large hero image to grab the users attention right away, followed by different sections that highlight potential electrical problems that the company helps to fix with their advanced technology. The electrical solutions are broken down into blocks within the solutions page to make it easier for a visitor to understand the service provided.

An All Around
Exciting Experience

Rainbow Point Lodge was designed to carry through the company branding. Using a white background and colourful buttons it draws the user’s attention to the different areas of the website. Featured on the site is a newsletter section where the owners of the lodge post their annual newsletters describing the year’s experiences. The home page itself includes a weather widget to display the current weather conditions in the area of the lodge and incorporates parallax scrolling.

Rainbow Point Lodge Responsive Web Design Mock Ups
Slm Recycling Website Responsive Design Mock Ups

More Than Just Recycling

SLM Recycling wanted to update their web presence and give it a modern look and feel. We were able to highlight the numerous services they offer through the use of an interactive map on the home page. We also used a looping background video of their scrap yard as well as imagery to engage the visitor further for a better user experience on the site.

Delivering Integrity Through Proof
of Success

T. Lloyd Ontario Ltd. required a full project gallery that overviews each project individually highlighting key features in a small list and through the use of photographs. The other projects in the same category as the one a visitor is viewing are organized into a grid-like format beneath the project area and are clickable so a user can navigate through the different projects. What better way to prove your integrity as a worker, than to show proof of your work…right?

T. Lloyd Electric Responsive Design Mock Ups
Thunderstock Outfitters Website Responsive Design Mock Up

Camp Overview and Promotional Sidebars

Thunderstock Outfitters was looking to update their web presence with a sleek new design and an easy to follow layout. This website benefits from the use of sidebars in some of it’s internal pages that promotes important dates, big catches or hunts, and customer testimonials. On the bottom of the home page, users are treated to a video showing an aerial view of what the camp is like.

Uchi Lake Lodge Responsive Design Mock Ups

Managing a New Lodge with a Whole Lot to Offer

Uchi Lake Lodge‘s new owners were in need of a new look for their lodge’s web presence with an updated feel and different areas to feature the various services they offer. By using simple layouts and big headings to separate content areas, we created an easy to navigate website that provides a better user experience.We also incorporated photo gallery areas where the user can view trophy catches, hunts and camp cabins to give users a better idea of what to expect when planning their stay.

Watson's Kaby Lodge Responsive Website Mock up

A Wilderness Experience to Be Explored

Watson’s Kaby Lodge when visitors first land on this website they will get the sense that this lodge will give them a true wilderness experience. Through the imagery within the background of the various sections on the site, visitors get the sense of what type of an environment this lodge presents. The website features an availability calendar which shows users what cabins have been booked and on what days to make it easier to decide on when they want to book their own stay at this lodge.