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Today, a prominent web presence is a critical component to successfully building your corporate brand and The Graphix Works can help you achieve this goal. We’re not just web developers. As a graphic design firm with more than 30 years of presence in the Niagara Region, we create a custom web design solution just for you that is both eye-catching and functional. We don’t use templates, starting every site from scratch to reflect your branding and ensure that it aligns with your existing messaging.

Experience is the key!

As one of the longest existing graphic design firms in Niagara, we welcome the opportunity to add you to our growing client list. Whether it’s a new website or an entire rebranding of your company, we can help you stand out from your competition, and we do it cost effectively. The Graphix Works knows that you have choices when it comes to choosing a Niagara website design company. We hope you will look at our website design portfolio from the homepage and contact us today to discuss your specific web design needs and afford us the opportunity to provide a website design quote for your firm.

Servicing the needs of clients throughout Ontario

While we're located in Niagara, our client list extends throughout Ontario. Whether you're in Ontario's Northwest, in Toronto or right here in Niagara we're a phone call, an email or a Skype meeting away. Our long list of satisfied web development clients is a testament to our level of service throughout our great province and we relish the opportunity to add you to this list. Give us a call and let us provide you with a no obligation quote for your next cutting edge custom website!

Need the ability to update your own website?

We develop your site in WordPress, the world's number one content management system that allows you to log in and make your own changes thereby saving you money. Don’t have time to make your own changes? No problem, we can offer you a cost effective solution whenever your site needs to be updated. Isn't it great to have options? We think so and would love to work with you on your next site!

Your website looks great wherever it’s viewed!

Our experienced web development team optimizes your site for viewing on all platforms and for desktop and mobile devices. We develop your new website using Responsive Technology where the site recognizes that it’s being viewed on a smartphone or tablet and adjusts itself to display on the device it’s being viewed on! Great looking websites, no matter where you view them!

Want to be ranked higher?

The Graphix Works prides itself on it's ongoing knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. We consider SEO to be a core aspect of website development and include it as a value added aspect of our web development services. Our knowledge and experience ensures your site will be developed with SEO friendly code. Many of our customers are thrilled to say their site is ranked among the top results for the search terms we have optimized for. Having a website designed is one thing, having it found is another!

Web Solutions to Promote Fabrication

JTL Integrated Machine has been a client for over a decade and we’re proud to have completed their rebranding several years ago and now completed the redevelopment of their company website. Featuring links to their sister companies, Trenergy Inc. and Can-Eng and a ticker tape slide show promoting their clients which is pinned to the bottom of the page for instant recognition, the new site feature large imagery of their services to effectively promote what they do.

Distinctive call to action areas link to the specific services they offer and provide the site visitor with the ease of navigation that helps make the site so effective. Is your company ready for a new look for their website? Our custom designed sites set you apart from the competition, give us a call and let The Graphix Works enhance your web presence with custom website development services.

Orvis Endorsed with a visually appealing look

Hawk Lake Lodge is amongst our original Northern Ontario web development clients. Knowing that the industry is changing and seeing the many refreshed websites that are out there, they decided it was time to invest in a new site themselves. Armed with a long list of Orvis endorsements, Hawk Lake provided some stellar photography to allow us to develop their great new website. Taking advantage of these great photos and an extensive video library we were able to create a site that was visually appealing and captivating. Our hope is that the visitors will agree and book a trip to one of the truly top-notch resorts in Northwestern Ontario.

Looking for a new site for your lodge? Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Stun them with a Custom Shopify Site

Nutrabee came to us recently to look for a customized look for their Shopify web site. Shopify offers many interesting themes, but our latest client wanted something that would wow their audience and knew that a custom website development firm such as The Graphix Works could deliver what they wanted. And deliver we did! The client is extremely excited about their new look complete with a new colour scheme, custom design, and imagery. Best of all we worked with the client to ensure they could make updates themselves but have already communicated that they want to maintain a long-term relationship with us to continue to add to and modify their Shopify site and other needs they might have in the future! We’re so thrilled that the client is completely satisfied with our efforts, and we look forward to working with them in the future! Looking for a custom Shopify solution for your business? Give us a call and we’ll help you look great on Shopify!

Corporate Colours Capture the Attention of the Visitor

Like JTL, Trenergy has also been a client of The Graphix Works for more than a decade. Once again, the management team of the company entrusted us to redevelop their company website to echo the redevelopment of the JTL Machine site. While the two sites have many things in common the big difference with the Trenergy site is the use of the corporate colours and motion in the slide show to captivate the audition visiting the site.

Similarities to the two sites include links to their sister companies, and a ticker tape slide show promoting their clients which is pinned to the bottom of the page for instant recognition. Also the slide show features descriptive text and easy to access links to inner portions of the site. The navigation structure also features colourful drop downs to get you where you want to go.

Does your company website grab the attention of the visitor and lead them to the information that will help you land a new customer? If not maybe it’s time to consider partnering with The Graphix Works to get a new custom designed website for your company! Give us a call and we’d be thrilled to discuss your needs either in a virtual meeting or face to face like we have since 1986!

Welcome to Point Grondine Park

Point Grondine Park is located on Manitoulin Island within the lands of Wiikwemikoong Unceded Territory. Wikwemikong Tourism is a long time client who afforded us the opportunity to showcase our talents to develop a new site for Point Grondine Park. This new site features a captivating slide show with professional imagery as well as distinctive CTA’s (call to action areas) for the various activities and opportunities for visitors to the park. These same activities and tours are tied into an external booking engine which allows visitors to reserve their spot at campsites or to take a guided tour of the park. Another feature of this site is the interactive mapping feature where visitors can click on areas of the map to reveal imagery and information regarding that specific portion of the park.

Creating a New Site that has Positive Impact

Earlier in 2021 we were approached by the ownership of Davidson Environmental to come up with a new look to their dated web presence. After some creative brainstorming and a few revisions we hit the nail on the head and came up with a look that pleased all of the decision makers.

Using some fantastic photography supplied by the client and making good use of their corporate colours The Graphix Works created a custom site that helps promote their services and products targeting the corporate recycling audience. Davidson’s recycling bins help companies exercise efficient recycling of their organic waste, helping the environment and their pocket books at the same time!

Looking for a great new corporate website, give The Graphix Works a call and let us help you put your best foot forward!

Airline Financial Credit Union Responsive Website

Rebranding complete and Departing a Dated Look

Airline Financial Credit Union is a long time client who approached us to provide them with both rebranding and a new state of the art website. Following a consultation with the client we developed a great new logo for them and came up with a clean, easy to navigate responsive website. The client was thrilled with our efforts and are now trained on how to make changes themselves to keep ongoing costs down.

Sandy Beach Lodge Responsive Website

Separating themselves From the Crowd

Sandy Beach Lodge originally approached us in 2012 to create a web presence for them that would separate them from all of the other lodges in Northwestern Ontario. As one of our early northern clients we came up with both a logo and a website that was met with complete satisfaction from the client. Fast forward to 2020 and the client decided to once again entrust us with a new responsive website to keep them on top of the competition in Northwestern Ontario. With a collection of top quality photos we were able to create a new site that was eye catching and effective. Give us a call if you need a new site for your lodge!

Cake By Cheryl Responsive Web Design Mock Up

Creative Cakes and Good Customer Service

Cake By Cheryl was a truly unique website to design and develop. The website follows a whimsical design that shows off a level of creativity equal to the client’s own cakes. Through an abundance of photo examples, we were able to show off our clients’ products in various gallery areas throughout the site. The contact form on the site allows users to send their own photo examples straight to our client to help clarify what they are looking for in a cake, making an easier client to user interaction.

All new branding and An Equally Captivating Website

Mar Mac Lodge is an upscale Fishing Lodge located on Esnagi Lake in Algoma Country in Northern Ontario. As a location that you can only reach by train or by air it was important to develop a look that would attract people seeking a remote destination. The new branding we developed reflected the look of the log construction lodge set against the majestic forest that creates a scenic backdrop for this extraordinary wilderness retreat. Once we developed the branding we moved on to developing an equally eye catching look for the website with a slide show that promotes the various activities and reasons to visit this world class lodge. A large call to action area promoting the spectacular fishing dominates the center area of the home page and drives traffic to the fishing page and all of the reasons to choose Mar Mac as a fishing vacation destination. The end result is another happy Northern Ontario client who helps make us one of the predominant leaders in website development for Northern Ontario lodge and resort marketing.

Dobson and Toncic Website Responsive Mock Up

Managing Wealth and a New Online Presence

Dobson & Toncic had entrusted us with managing their previous web presence and wanted something to reflect their progressive thinking and innovative solutions. Voila, a great new web presence to carry them into the next phase of their business. The home page uses animated text that catches the eye of the visitor prompting a better user experience.

Manor Cleaners Website Mock Ups

A New Clean Design for Niagara’s Top Dry Cleaner

Manor Cleaners was looking to update their original web presence that we had built with a new, modern and clean design. The main design consists of grey, and white content with important points highlighted with red accents. The four call to actions on the home page makes it easier for users to navigate to other areas on the site to learn about important information pertaining to the company itself. Combine this with SEO that keeps them ranked on page 1 of related Google searches and they are well positioned for continued success.

Functionality Enhanced and Updating a Dated Look

Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association is a long-time client who originally contracted us to maintain their website nearly a decade ago. Shortly thereafter we developed a new WordPress website for them that improved their web presence. In late 2020 they once again came to us with the realization that their website was getting a little long in the tooth and contracted us to come up with a fresh new look that also included some enhanced functionality for the e-commerce enabled membership system. The end result is this beautiful easy to navigate, responsive website that will carry the organization through into the years to come. Once again we’re thrilled to say that the client is completely satisfied with our efforts.

A new site for their New Office

Niagara Dermatology Centre is located on 4th Avenue in the new big box developments near the hospital. Dr. Sloan entrusted us with the creation and development of a great new website to coincide with the move to his brand-new offices. Working with his wife who headed up the office design, we used an extensive array of stock photography that portrayed the right feel for the range of patients that the clinic sees daily.

An extensive menu of services provides visitors to the site with a thorough understanding of what Dr. Sloan can help them with as it relates to their dermatology concerns.

The client was thrilled with the outcome of the site, and we are proud to have been given the opportunity to develop this site for them. Looking for a new site for your business? Look no further than The Graphix Works, we’ve been helping area businesses since 1986 and we’re confident that we can help you too!

Slm Recycling Website Responsive Design Mock Ups

More Than Just Recycling

SLM Recycling wanted to update their web presence and give it a modern look and feel. We were able to highlight the numerous services they offer through the use of an interactive map on the home page. We also used a looping background video of their scrap yard as well as imagery to engage the visitor further for a better user experience on the site.

Many More Websites

Aside from the websites we showcased on the previous pages of this gallery, The Graphix Works has developed dozens of sites for clients in a wide variety of industries and markets. Whether it’s healthcare, tourism, manufacturing, service or any other type of business we can develop a great new website for you that will separate you from the competition.

There are two key factors that make us an obvious choice for your web development needs; the first is that every site we develop has it’s own custom design, no cookie cutter templates, just professionally designed sites built just for you. Secondly, we include Search Engine Optimization in every site we launch so that your site hits the ground running and attracts customers once Google has crawled the site and is aware of it’s existence.

After all what’s the point of spending money on a website if it doesn’t get found by prospective customers.