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What the Client Needed

One of our long time clients approached us to ask that we co-ordinate and implement all of the marketing for a figure skating show he wanted to hold here in St. Catharines. He provided us with the timelines for the various aspects of the project and we then co-ordinated everything from there to ensure the show was a success.

The End Result

A successful sold out show! 5,200 people packed into the Meridian Centre on Friday, January 30th to witness the first figure skating show ever held at the new spectator facility. From all accounts the wide range of spectators were thrilled with the show and why not, it was a world class show that was a success due to both the caliber of the production and the effectiveness of the marketing. We look forward to helping our client in his future endeavours.

Our Role

Starting with the development of the show logo we sat down and developed a plan that included both the scheduling and production of materials required for the press conference, newspaper advertising, radio advertising, social media, outdoor advertising, public relations tasks and much more. We created a consistent look between everything leading up to the actual show date and then culminated the project with the development and production of the 28 page show programme.

Our Client Since: 2013

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