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Alexander Awnings
What the Client Needed

As an established local business serving the needs of residential and commercial awning customers, Alexander Awnings was looking to rebrand themselves to update both their image and their marketing. Seeking the guidance of a local firm to handle these needs, they ultimately chose The Graphix Works to move forward with this project.

The End Result

The enhanced web presence combined with the direct mail advertising and magazine advertising has led to an increase in business and inquiries for not only the traditional product lines of awnings and window coverings but also sun rooms and a variety of other services that Alexander Awnings provides. The sign of a happy customer is one which comes back from additional services and clearly the recent redevelopment of an already effective website can only mean that the client was satisfied with our commitment to providing the highest level of service possible!

Our Role

Starting with the development of a new company identity, The Graphix Works developed a great new logo whose imagery reflects the work that Alexander Awnings is famous for along with a stationery package, company brochures, direct mail postcards and a new website to help Alexander Awning re-introduce themselves to the local marketplace.

The new identity was also used to create vehicle graphics to make their fleet of vans and pic-up trucks identifiable wherever they were parked. Now many years later, Alexander Awnings recognized that web development standards had changed and recently contracted The Graphix Works to redevelop the website using Responsive Design technology.

Our Client Since: 2010

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